Review: Bondage Boutique Hogtie

Today’s bondage review is courtesy of Lovehoney, this Bondage Boutique Red Silky Rope Hogtie. I’m not going to waste much time in an introduction on this thing, because I don’t like it. At all.


The basics: This is a silky nylon rope hogtie. Hogties are meant to restrain a submissive’s wrists to their ankles behind themselves, which is a pretty restrictive position causing lots of wiggling. From end to end this device measures 24 inches. The wrist loops are completely adjustable, you just put your limb through and pull the end until it is your desired tightness.


In theory, I’m all for adjustable. I’m all for easy-to-use beginner gear.

But I want you to think about something with me. Some basic geometry.

The tighter the wrist loop, the longer the end that connects to the O-ring. This means that people with smaller wrists who need the loop to be smaller get a looser tie than people that have thicker wrists who need a bigger loop. Essentially this means that how tight your hogtie is is determined by how big your wrists are. There’s no way to adjust a looser hogtie for a bigger-wristed person, or make a tighter hogtie for a smaller person.

The difference in length for tighter and looser wrist loops.

The difference in length for tighter and looser wrist loops.

I have standard-size wrists for a woman, I suppose, neither very small nor very large, but I found the restraints to be quite loose on my arms. It was only a hogtie in the loosest definition of the term. I had a lot of flexibility and I’m not even a gymnast.


Call me old-fashioned but I like my restraints to be, you know, restraining. Still, I know that’s not the case for everyone. Some new submissives like the extra safety of knowing that they can remove themselves from bondage if they need to, and I can respect that. But this bondage set claims “The no-buckle design ensures restraint is straightforward, making spontaneous bondage a cinch. Plus, with slide-to-fit restraints that get tighter as they’re pulled on, there’s no way your sub can escape without your permission.”

Now, if that was true it would be dangerous. An ever-tightening restraint on the wrists and ankles can cut off blood flow and cause all kinds of nerve damage. That’s why, if you didn’t know, zip-ties should never be used for bondage.  It’s better to settle on a restraint level that’s restricting but comfortable and keep it there so there’s no unchecked pressure on the wrists or ankles


But the statement is just not true! Not even a little bit. All you need to do is pull the loops free of the longer strap and you’re free. It’s not especially difficult with how much extra room the hogtie straps give you. If I can put myself into this hogtie unassisted and then remove myself from it just as easily, it’s not restraining. This hog tie isn’t as badass as it thinks it is.


So, other than the fact that it doesn’t work, it’s well made.  (Can you hear the bitter laughter as I type this?) The nylon is strong and the stitching hasn’t come loose yet through some self-bondage wriggling. The O-Ring is sturdy too, but does any of that matter when the product is so woefully thought out?

I think your money would be better spent on a pair of adjustable wrist cuffs and a more solid hogtie, like this Sportsheets model also from Lovehoney, but if you would like to find your own Bondage Boutique Red Silky Rope Hogtie, you can find yours on Lovehoney here.





Thank you to Lovehoney  for sending me this product for an honest review.

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Review: Twisted Triplets Nipple & Clitoris Suckers

Right now I’m in the midst of testing out a few products that are meant to heighten sensitivity in women. For the most part, I’m not impressed. Before I even started this blog I tried out a Tracy Cox for Lovehoney “orgasm gel” that was meant to give extra sensation to the vulva and clitoris but sent it back because it didn’t do anything, but now I’m starting to think my clit is just indifferent to stimulating gels. But you know what it’s not immune to? These Twisted Triplets Nipple & Clitoris Suckers from Extreme Restraints (product page NSFW). Not at all.


So, what are these used for?

Well, grab a person with nipples (so anyone consenting, really) or a clitoris and place the suckers on the spot you want. Once you’ve created a seal by pressing lightly against the skin, screw the end of the sucker upwards. This suction creates a vacuum around the nipple and the more you twist, the tighter the vacuum and the more suction you get. This suction creates a lot of sensitivity in that region of the body, causing tingling and increasing the intensity of any other touch.

The good thing about this kind of suction is that it’s very easy to customize the level you want. Some people might find the higher suction levels to be almost painful, which can be either a good thing or a bad thing, but just screwing it a little looser will relieve some of the suction. So, it’s good for people who want sensation play and good for people who want pain play. They’re really versatile tools, I’ve found. Don’t feel limited to the clitoris and nipples, though. You can suction these onto any area of skin that you can form a vacuum on and get heightened sensation, which is a great way to exploit your partner’s erogenous zones and makes them great for all anatomies.


On another note, there should definitely be another name for these. ‘Suckers’ puts me in mind of octopi or squid or Cthulhu sex monsters and to be honest I’m not that into Hentai.

And do they work? Yes, extremely well! Just a little bit of suction starts to increase sensitivity, making touches more exhilarating, vibrations more intense, and everything more pleasurable. I especially loved these because with pierced nipples I can’t use many nipple clamp type products and this is a great sensory alternative. Coupling it with my favorite vibrator or my wartenberg wheel produces toe-curling results and, yes, they’re effective at producing pain as well, which is great for my masochists and pain sluts in the audience.

Upkeep of the suckers is pretty easy, when finished you can completely unscrew them and give them a wash with water and a sex toy cleaner or a diluted bleach solution and then screw them back together again.


If I had any criticism for these products it might be that they’re a bit bulky, at 4 inches long and .75 inches in diameter. It’s not a big deal but they do get in the way of some positions (anything on my front is out while wearing the nipple ones, for example.) I wish there were smaller versions of them for travel or to be incorporated into more sex positions.

If you’d like to try your own Twisted Triplets set, you can find it on Extreme Restraints here. If you’re interested in sensation play or pain play and want a versatile toy that can be used for lots of different sessions, these get two thumbs up from me.


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Review: Crimson Tied Regal Sub Collar

I’ve been surprising myself lately with my whims for more kink-equipment for myself. First it was my ball gag that I reviewed previously, now this collar? Who would have thought I’d be wanting all this? Well, here we are. And here this is: the Crimson Tied Regal Sub Collar manufactured by Master Series that I bought from Extreme Restraints.


The specs: This collar is made of faux leather with red contrasting stitching. Unlike most collars, it has an interesting lapel detailing with a little crown motif, which lends it some style. It has a buckle closure and will fit necks from 15 inches to 18 inches. comfortably. The D-ring can be used to attach a leash to.

ae135a_289_325The collar is a comfortable fit and probably will be for anyone in the 15-18 inch range. The buckle closure works well to prevent the collar from coming off at inopportune times. The d-ring is stitched in a stable way so no amount of tugging caused it to move around or pop any of the stitching. While the faux-leather is shinier than in the product images, it still looks very nice (and I’ve been fond of pairing the collar with my red and black iCollection lace teddy that I’ve reviewed previously.)

However, I would still say that this collar is more decorative than anything, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I mean, if you’re drawn to the design you probably want it for looks mostly. What I mean by this is that I found that the collar isn’t padded enough to be comfortable for any kind of harsh leash tugging. The collar digs in and presses on the wind pipe, which is, needless to say, uncomfortable. Unless you’re into that.


As for maintenance, this collar isn’t too difficult to upkeep. If needed it can be wiped off with a soft cloth and none of the metal has tarnished during my few months of use. However, the shape requires a bit of forethought in storage. I found that the lapels, while a pretty design feature, are prone to twisting and curling if they’re not pressed flat. For storage, I would recommend either a separate box or you could just pay some extra mind that you’re not stacking toys on top that will push the lapels into a curled shape.


The bottom line is that this is a really pretty collar and if you’re attracted to the design there is no real downside to it. It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea because of the extra lapel-design features and crown, but if it is I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

If you would like your own Crimson Tied Regal Sub Collar, you can find it on Extreme Restraints here. For a decorative, interesting alternative to a traditional collar, I think this is a good bet. Just don’t expect it to be useful for too-heavy play.


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Review: Fantasy Curve Plus Size Stretch Lace Chemise Set

As you might know, my last Curve product was a bit of a flop so I wasn’t sure whether or not to look forward to this order. It wasn’t that the design wasn’t pretty, but the fit was just so weird I haven’t been able to wear it. However, the design of this one was just different enough that I was hoping it wouldn’t have the same issues. Luckily, I was right. The Fantasy Curve Plus Size Stretch Lace Chemise set exceeded my expectations.


The basics: This set comes with a soft black lace chemise and a matching lace thong. It comes in a 1X/2X (US 12-16) and 3X/4X (US 16-20), I picked up the 3X/4X and found it fit pretty comfortably. The chemise has an elastic waist that you pull over your head, with lace straps that are tied in a halter style. The black lace is pretty and soft and the meshy material stops at the top of the thighs and provides decent coverage.


Like other soft chemise designs I’ve reviewed in the past, the cups aren’t very supportive but that makes for a nice, softer looking design with less in-your-face cleavage than other lingerie designs. Personally I loved this and it definitely got my partner’s thumbs up.



Pleasantly, this halter didn’t come undone even while moving around. The lace holds a knot quite well.


This design would also be great for a person who likes a bit more coverage for whatever reason, especially a plus-sized person who is a little more self-conscious. The lace is see-through enough to expose the breasts, and the thong beneath, but for anyone who is concerned about stretch marks or cellulite for whatever reason (no judgement here, not everyone can be super confident all the time.)


The set also comes with a thong. Like other thongs included in lingerie sets, this one was a little narrow and skimpy for my tastes, but I wasn’t put off by it. The thong is also basic enough to go with lots of other lingerie sets or to be worn on its own.


If you would also like to buy your own Fantasy Curve Plus-Size Lace Chemise Set, you can find it on Lovehoney here. It also comes in pink which gives it an extremely girly, princess-y look. This is a great set, extremely versatile and pretty. If you’re not sure where to start with sexy plus-size lingerie, go for this piece. You won’t regret it.


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Review: Red Lace Corsette Strap-On

I don’t like being disappointed by the quality of products. I shouldn’t necessarily be surprised when something just isn’t as nice as the product photos make it out to be, but it is still disheartening. Today’s post covers one such product, a Red Lace Corsette Strap-On by Sportsheets.


You can see why I would like this harness. The design is pretty, red lace-printed and with a lovely black ribbon creating a corset design up the back. The straps are fully adjustable to fit up to 60 inch hips. The harness also comes with three differently sized O-Rings, 1.5 inch (3.8 cm), 1.75 inch (4.5 cm), and 2 inch (5 cm) to accommodate a variety of different sizes of dildos.


There is a pocket in the front pouch designed to accommodate a bullet for “clitoral stimulation.” However, I (and many other clitoris owners would agree, I think) that this is absolutely useless for anything but a slight tease. Even a powerful bullet will be severely dampened both by the fabric surrounding it and the fact that weaker vibrations get lost in the shuffle of thrusting while using the strap-on. It’s a non-feature, really.


In addition, I found that while the adjustable straps make the harness useful for people of different body types, the harness doesn’t have a way to corral the loose ends and they end up flapping around and getting in the way. I’m at the larger end of the size range for this harness and even for me the loose ends were too much, so if you’re smaller it’d be a gigantic pain (and I’d recommend trimming them if this strap-on were worth the effort.) I wish there had been belt loops on the sides or something to be able to hold them out of the way.


Honestly, though, my main complaint about this harness is the build quality. It’s not that the materials themselves are terrible (although many people and I agree that these “backpack strap” materials are getting  old for beginner strap-ons), but they’re not put together well. From the first day I found loose threads and stitching coming undone.


That long loose thread is actually from part of the back where lots of things started falling apart after just a couple of uses.


The strap-on is honestly just too expensive for the quality and there’s not much of an excuse that can be made for it. I shouldn’t have to take a needle and thread to the stitching after a few days. Honestly.

If, however, you still want to check out the Red Lace Corsette Strap-On from Sportsheets, you can find it on their website here. I just think you can do better.


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Review: iCollection Red/Black Plus-Size Mesh and Lace Teddy

I like to think that my taste in lingerie has expanded since I’ve started blogging. I’ve found floaty, pastel chemises attractive and have been disappointed when a pretty floral one didn’t live up to my expectations, I’ve even liked a vivacious red and black leopard print chemise. That being said, I still have my preferences: Sultry, intricate, dark, which is exactly what this iCollection Red/Black Plus-Size Mesh and Lace Teddy gave me.


For the basics, the teddy comes in 1X, 2X, and 3X and is made of black mesh with panels of red satin and overlays of ribbon and lace. I ordered the 3X size and it fits perfectly and, if you’re on the smaller size of the 4X range, I think it would stretch to fit you nicely. The entire thing is soft and comfortable, no itchy stiff lace here.

bu5The cups comfortably fit my DD sized breasts and support to give great cleavage without adding lots of extra padding (which I personally don’t find necessary.) The back has a bra-clasp to adjust the band-width so that it fits without either digging in or being too loose. I really do think more lingerie should come with these bra clasps, they really do improve the fit and range of sizes, so good for iCollection on that one.





The entire thing is richly detailed with lots of beautiful accents that make it seem more expensive and high class than it really is. I particularly loved the little jewel accent at the bust which gives a little bit of sparkleand draws the eye to the cleavage. The bands down the front reveal flashes of skin while providing a good amount of skin coverage so that even people who are more self-conscious can revel in a bit of sexy lingerie.


More detail of the front of the crotch.

...and then of the back.

…and then of the back.


As for how it looks? I think it’s stunning, probably my current favorite lingerie piece in my rotation. Sexy, dark, vampy, yes. It probably is the piece I own that most closely fits my personal aesthetic without just being plain black lace, so I gravitate to it now more than most other pieces of lingerie that I own.

I posted a couple of pictures of it being worn on my NSFW Tumblr with the caption “Vampire goth queen succubus aesthetic” which I think pretty accurately describes how I feel in this teddy. It has a moderate amount of skin coverage while showing off just the right amount at the bust and along the front. tumblr_ns4j22NJz01u3c76to2_1280The back is just as pretty with the lace piece over the bum being decorated with corset lacing and a high cut that is extremely flattering on the buttocks without feeling like it’s riding up too much.

Also included in the set are four garters which can be attached or detached depending on how you want the piece to look. I appreciate the versatility of detachable garters primarily because I love how stockings look but I honestly can’t always be bothered to deal with the chore that is putting them on (personal failing, these garters are actually quite nice and don’t have a habit of coming undone like others I’ve worn.)



If you’d like to buy your own iCollection Plus-Size Mesh and Lace Overlay Teddy you can find yours here at Lingerie Diva (at time of writing, it’s even on sale!). If you want something sultry but classy, I would absolutely recommend this teddy.


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Review: Spunk Lube Hybrid



“Why would you want a lube that looks like semen?” my friend asked me.

“Why not?”


spunk1Spunk hybrid lube isn’t a practical lube at all. It’s not no-frills like my go-to lube Sliquid H2O, but that’s exactly why I wanted it. I wanted some semen-looking lubricant for cuckolding fetish photos and SPUNK lube, manufactured by D. Enterprises, was top of my list of brands to try. After browsing the website for a bit I settled on this hybrid lubricant and bought an 8oz bottle.


So, the specs: Spunk lube’s ingredients are Water, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxymethylcellulose, Methylparaben . Note that this formulation is glycerin free. However, “methylparaben” is a paraben which may lead to yeast infections in people with vaginas.

However, many fake-cum recipes involve ingredients that I personally wouldn’t want anywhere near my genitals (like baking flour. or eggs. or cornstarch. or yogurt? No, thank you.) I haven’t had a reaction to the Methylparaben yet and I’m inclined to recommend it over shoving cake batter ingredients up your vagina to get a creampie look. However, if you are concerned about the parabens, look into Spunk Pure Silicone lubricant, which is 100% silicone and doesn’t have any parabens or glycerin.

spunk5Now, I know this ingredients list might scare a few people away who were just hoping to use this as a normal (if slightly kinky) lubricant, but what about those who want to know if it’s good for those kinky photos and the like?

So, for starters: Does Spunk lube look like the genuine article? Well, as we should all know all ejaculate looks different and can vary a great deal depending on diet and a number of other factors. But, that being said, yes, it does look like semen that I’ve seen in the past and I’ve tricked a fair few people with pictures of it. It also has the same slippery texture as the real deal, although without the warmth.

spunklubeI also have to say for everyone who was hoping to do facial shots with Spunk hybrid lube that this lube does not smell or taste nice. Okay, it tastes gross. I put the tiniest bit on my finger to try it and was overwhelmed with the desire to spit. Yuck. Just yuck. Take your pictures as fast as you can and then spit. Personally most of the pictures I was taking were on toys, my shoes, my chest, and my clothes, so I avoided that particular trouble except to just taste a tiny bit for this review. The lube didn’t stain any of my clothing or leave a residue.

Hybrid lubes are generally safe for your toys but they do have a small amount of silicone in them so I would spot test any of your silicone toys just to be safe. None of my Tantus or other silicone items were affected by Spunk hybrid.

In use I found Spunk lube hybrid to be perfectly slippery, even more so than my beloved Sliquid H2O. It was also slightly more plush than the Sliquid lube and makes using textured toys slightly easier because it provides a bit of cushioning (which makes it better for anal use as well.) Spunk lube hybrid also took a while to evaporate and stayed slick throughout a long masturbation session with multiple toys.


The packaging isn’t discreet at all with a big word SPUNK down the side in capitol letters but, that being said, I’m not fussed about that. It’s not the kind of lube you want to keep on your night stand to demurely apply before intercourse or masturbation. Spunk lube is a showy lube perfect for photographs and the like so it’s packaging isn’t a detractor for me. That being said, if you do want to make it more discreet for whatever reason, the black outer packaging comes off to reveal a clear bottle with no markings on it which is pretty damn subtle. I really like the pump top because it’s easy to use one handed and gives pretty realistic “blops” of cum when dispensed.


Spunk Lube dries with a slight powdery texture, not at all gummy or sticky, and doesn’t leave any kind of strong odor behind. You can reactivate the slipperiness with water or saliva.

In summary, I really like Spunk hybrid. I would caution vagina-owners to be careful when using Spunk Hybrid lubricant because of the parabens in it and watch out for the symptoms of yeast infections if you use it anywhere near your vulva or vagina. I would also caution anyone who wanted to take facial or mouth-cum shots because of the unpleasant smell/taste. However, if you just want to use it to fulfill a personal cum fetish or if you’re a cam model or porn actor who needs a semen-look lubricant for a shoot, I’m extremely happy with Spunk Hybrid. It was mess-free and realistic which is all I could have hoped for.

If you would like to buy your own Spunk Lube Hybrid you can buy it on the Spunk Lube website here in sizes from 2oz bottles up to 1 gallon jugs, and keep your eye out for the pure silicone and pink hybrid lubes as well.


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Review: Doc Johnson Black Magic Ribbed Vibe

The only black magic this vibrator is pulling is known as the fine art of marketing. With nice packaging and a fun name, this Doc Johnson vibe looks like a nice toy to add to your collection. Trust me, though, it’s all smoke and mirrors.


The good of this vibrator starts and ends with the basics. The vibrator is seven inches long and made of smooth-coated ABS plastic so it is body safe. The whole thing runs on a single Double-A battery and the speeds are controlled via a dial on the end where the batteries are inserted.

But here we run into our first trouble: the vibrations are very disappointing. They’re not just a little bit buzzy, there’s absolutely no internal rumble to them. If you’re new to vibrators, the Black Magic’s vibrations are like listening to music on $2 earbuds while a rumblier vibrator is like a proper sound system with a subwoofer. No comparison whatsoever. The vibrations are almost completely lost when I press the Black Magic vibe against my body and, inserted, it’s like a vague tickle.


The vibrator shape isn’t especially pleasurable, either. My problems start with the handle which is an irritating shape because if you’re holding it by the end it’s extremely easy to change the vibration speed settings, especially if your hand is lube-y. My vagina just doesn’t appreciate the ribs like it does the texture of my Bound and the very slim vibrator can’t compete to the girth of my Vamp. The vibe has no curve to it which leaves my g-spot bored and unstimulated while the long length makes me feel like I’m jabbing myself and more than once I poked my cervix by accident. Clitorally, nope. Vaginally, nope.

Black Magic’s last hope was that the vibrator also boasts that its shape is perfect for anal stimulation. Now, I should mention that the Black Magic vibe doesn’t have a flared base which means it’s not technically anal safe. You need to be very careful when using a toy anally that doesn’t have a flared base lest it get sucked up your behind and necessitate a trip to the emergency room (a finger loop like most anal beads have will also work to make a toy more anal safe.)


Still, I was determined to test this claim so I lubed up the Black Magic vibe and tried it anally. I inserted the Black Magic rib by rib without turning it on and I have to say, the shape of the vibrator is much more appealing for anal users. It’s almost like anal beads, although maybe it’s because I’m a butt-beginner but I couldn’t insert more than a few bulbs without the vibe poking my insides uncomfortably. I think the butt is friendlier to longer shapes if they’re a bit more flexible or slightly curved whereas the Black Magic has no give at all and will eventually start jabbing away. Turned on, the vibrations were dampened even more by my butt than by my vagina. If you want anal stimulation, just get anal beads or an anal-safe vibrator with a bit more heft behind it.

blk4And if it weren’t insulting enough for the vibrations to be weak and buzzy and easily dampened, the vibrator still manages to be loud despite that. It’s louder by far than my Romant Sonia, louder even than my first (much cheaper) vibrator. It’s a high-pitched buzzing noises that matches the vibrations and can be heard through a door.

Normally here I’d try to imagine who this vibrator could be pitched towards and give some links for where you can buy it. But this vibrator? I don’t think it suits anyone. Even people who like weaker vibrations deserve better than this loud surface level buzz and surely people who want an anal vibrator would want one they can actually feel. But if for some reason you want to try the Doc Johnson Black Magic vibe out for yourself, you can buy it from Adam & Eve here.


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Review: Premium Hush Locking Silicone Ball Gag

When your otherwise fairly vanilla partner expresses interests in seeing you in a ballgag, what’s a dominant girl to do? Well, if you’re me, you go looking for one right away. Hell, I’ll drool all over myself every once in a while, it could even be fun. I’m no stranger to being on the receiving end of kinky toys even when I’m not a submissive and, if the unthinkable should happen and I can’t stand it, I can use it on other people. However, picking out a ball gag was a long process for me. Admittedly, this is my own fault. Not everyone makes spreadsheets when comparing sex toys and deciding what to buy, but I do. I decided if I was going to take the plunge, I’d need to do it right.


I wanted to find a gag that was gentle on my mouth. I like to think of myself as having a relatively solid pain threshold, I can take pretty vicious smacks with a paddle or flogger, but I’m an absolute baby about mouth pain. Dentist visits are a nightmare and I still get flashbacks to some intensely traumatizing incidents with my Orthodontist when she was putting on my braces around age 12. For someone as big-mouthed as I am, I also have a relatively small mouth and I can’t open my jaw especially wide. So, I needed a baby ballgag.  Something relatively small and gentle.

If that wasn’t enough, it also needed to have a silicone ball. The idea of gross-smelling rubber toys is bad enough but actually putting them in my mouth for extended periods of time? No, thank you. I was interested in a leather strap but it had to be gentle on the corners of my mouth, so I was looking for something that didn’t have these big square straps on either side of the gag. I didn’t want a dildo gag, a breathable gag, or a gag that covered my mouth or other parts of my face or one that had attached nipple clamps. Oh, and it had to be black.

Now that you’re caught up on the absolute ridiculousness of my requirements, let me get to the actual product. The gag I ended up choosing is this Premium Hush Locking Silicone Ballgag offered by Extreme Restraints.



I’m glad I was picky. This gag is worth it.

The specs: This gag has a silicone ball that is 1.65 inches in diameter and adjustable leather strap that can be opened from 16 to 22 inches. The strap and ball are both black and it has silver metal fastenings. It’s manufactured by Master Series.

When I saw this gag it immediately went to the top of my list of gags. The main feature that attracted me was the fact that the silicone ball is attached to the straps differently than most of the gags I had seen. Rather than the ball being strung on leather straps directly, the silicone ball has two pieces of silicone built-in during casting on either side. This means that the leather strap only connects along your cheeks, not on the delicate sides of your mouth, which makes the gag extremely comfortable to wear.


Another awesome feature I wasn’t looking for but enjoyed nonetheless is the fact that this ballgag is lockable. The buckle in the back has a small loop in the metal tongue which you can put a lock through to ensure that the leather strap cannot be undone unless the entire thing is unlocked. One wasn’t included but I picked up this super cute heart-shaped padlock from Extreme Restraints at the same time that I placed this order so I had one on hand, but really any padlock will do. The locking mechanism works well and seems sturdy, which is always good. ball2

Of course, you don’t have to wear it with a lock and even without the lock on I found I couldn’t spit out the gag without undoing the straps at the back of my head. So, unless your bratty sub has a really big mouth, the gag should stay put without the lock. Still, the option to lock it makes the toy that much kinkier and more versatile, which I appreciated.

Speaking of wearing, the small ball means that even with my relatively small mouth I was able to wear the gag for an extended period of time, an hour during my initial testing. It withstood me biting down on it, lots of drool, and even a bit of tugging as I tried to remove it like a champ. The ball isn’t squishy, per say, but it has enough give to be kind to my teeth. When I took the gag out I didn’t have extreme jaw pain and only a bit of stiffness which was worked out within a few moments. If you have a larger mouth than me you’ll probably need a bigger gag, but this was absolutely perfect for me and I imagine it’d be great for most beginners.

The entire thing is also simple to clean, the leather wipes down easily and the silicone can be given a basic cleaning with some toy cleanser or mild soap after each use. The silicone isn’t a particularly big lint-magnet but since you’re putting it in your mouth I would also recommend a basic rinsing before each use. If you would like to share your gag, silicone can be sterilized (but I would stick to wiping with a weak bleach solution rather than boiling it to avoid damaging the leather.)

My only complaint with the gag is that there is a visible seam on the silicone ball. It’s not huge and in wear it goes completely unnoticed but I thought it was worth a mention.




In summary, I loved this gag. It was possibly one of the most well-researched purchases I’ve made for my BDSM kit and it really did pay off, I don’t have any major complaints and it’s proved to be very fun to use. If you would like your own Premium Hush Locking Silicone Ball Gag, you can purchase yours here on Extreme Restraints for 30USD (although, at time of writing, it is on sale.)

Oh, and since I know someone will ask, yes, my partner did enjoy it. Possibly for the kink factor, possibly because now they know a gag will, in fact, get me to be quiet.


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Review: Tantus Bound

The Bound was the first dildo I saw where I was so intrigued by the design that I went and looked up the company that makes it–Tantus, whose Vamp dildo I reviewed recently. It took me a while to get my hands on one but I’m so, so glad I did. The Bound is a slightly different kettle of fish than the Vamp, however… it’s a kinky son-of-a-bitch.


The Bound is modeled on a realistic penis wrapped in rope, which means that if you’re a kinky person or love shibari/rope bondage, this dildo will probably catch your eye. If you manage to score it via another retailer, the Bound comes in three colors- two skin tones and black.* The insertable length is 6.25 inches so not monstrously long and it’s a modest 1.5 inches in diameter, with a slight curve in the shaft. The dildo is quite firm, it’s possible to bend but not by much and the texture doesn’t squish flat. It’s not a stretcher, that’s for certain, but it’s extreme in its own way.

bound1Now, keep in mind, I’m a texture slut. It’s just how I was made. Having a dildo drag or gently scrape inside me is a sensation I quite like and I prefer it to smooth dildos most of the time. And make no mistake, the Bound is the most textured dildo I own. In part it’s the shape, the realistic veins and rope giving all kinds of mountains and valleys, but it’s also the matte silicone. My only other toy from Tantus is my Vamp which was very shiny silicone, but the Bound is an entirely different beast. If you find textures overwhelming you are going to need a lot of plush lube to be able to enjoy the Bound at all. Personally, I love it sans lube. To each their own.

The Bound is also a funny toy because I can use it without thrusting while using a clitoral vibe and give myself awesome orgasms. Sometimes I just want to feel full without any kind of thrusting but even with my new and improved kegel muscles sometimes smooth dildos can slip out right when I’m about to orgasm which is a massive pain. The Bound stays put even when I’m orgasming and gives me that amazing full sensation without any fuss, which is one of the reasons beyond the kinky shape that I’m so fond of it.

I let lube dry on the Bound to give you an idea of how much fluid gets left over after an average cleaning.

I let lube dry on the Bound to give you an idea of how much fluid gets left over after an average cleaning.

The only bad thing about the Bound, as far as I’m concerned, is the fact that it’s a bitch to clean. I mean a royal, bratty bitch. Don’t go reaching for your wash clothes or scrubber brushes, don’t bother. You can wipe and scrub and scrape all you want and there will still be bits of dried whatever on your dildo hidden in the cracks and crevices. Normally with a silicone dildo you can toss it in the dishwasher, wipe down with bleach, or just scrub with a toy cleaner to leave it squeaky clean. Not so with the Bound. Just boil it from the get-go and save yourself the effort.

The Bound is also harness compatible, anal safe, and, being made of Tantus’s silicone, is hypoallergenic, sanitary, and should last you kinky texture-lovers out there a long, long time. Mine also didn’t have any imperfections in it, unlike my Vamp, which I attribute to the fact that it came in standard Tantus packaging. If you can pry yourself out of the orgasm coma you’ll have put yourself in and go boil it after every use, it’s well worth it.


If you’re interested in your very own Bound, act quickly! The Bound is on close-out on Tantus’ website right now and won’t be around forever. If you’re a texture slut or just can’t resist such a delightfully kinky dildo, buy it before it’s gone!





*Tantus’s website photo makes the black color look very much like a warm, deep brown skin tone, at least on my monitor. In reality it is a true black.

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