Review: Lovehoney Plus Size Adore Me Lace & Microfibre Bustier Set

56325-06Confession: I don’t own a lot of sexy lingerie. While I do love wearing it, it’s often just a huge struggle to find pieces that fulfill my criteria:

  1. Have a nice design
  2. Comfortable
  3. Not be extremely expensive
  4. Plus-size friendly

So, imagine my delight when I was sent the Lovehoney Plus Size Adore Me Lace & Microfibre Bustier Set in exchange for my opinion.

This set is definitely an answer to my prayers.



Starting with comfort and ease of wear: The red microfibre is really soft and would be a good alternative for someone who doesn’t like the look of the satin that so many lingerie sets come in. The lace is also quite nice and soft and not at all scratchy. I found the garters very easy to use, too. (Although, if you’re not used to garters, pro-tip: Attach the garters to the stockings before you put either on. This will save you bending over backwards trying to do them up.)

I tried on the set with a pair of black fishnets and a black thong and showed it to my boyfriend. Needless to say the design got his approval– “Hella” is how he described it. He also really liked the cute little silver Lovehoney charm.


I quite like the design. I’m not particularly self-conscious about my belly or hips, but the way the microfiber slightly stretches over it while keeping everything contained is quite flattering. The contrasting lace accentuates the bust and the V-shaped suspenders show off the upper thigh and hip region, giving you a perfect hourglass shape.


My only big quibble with this design is the lace cups over the breasts. The cups are each formed out of two pieces of lace with a seam to connect them. Unfortunately, the seam runs right up the front of the breast, making an ugly line that I think detracts from the whole appearance of the set (especially as someone who has pierced nipples and considers than one of her assets.) It just seems like a strange design choice to me, and I definitely dock points off for it.

My other smaller quibble is the price. Plus-sized women are no strangers to ridiculous mark-ups for clothing and the excuse of “extra material costs” gets old fast. This set is £32.99 which is not hideously expensive, but it’s still over-priced when you take into account Lovehoney’s other lingerie for straight-sized women. So that is annoying, although not unexpected.


Overall, though, this is a great lovely set. It gets comfort and appearance points from me and my partner’s enthusiastic approval. If you’re looking for something to wear that will make you feel gorgeous, this is definitely the set for you. Pair with thigh-high stockings and crotchless underwear or a cute thong for best results.

To purchase, head over here to Lovehoney’s website.

For review inquiries, send me a message via my contact page or directly to

To see me in more lingerie in the future, check out my Lovehoney wishlist.



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