Review: Bondara Metal Handcuffs

tb07Handcuffs are a quintessential piece of BDSM kit that provide easy restraints for beginning to expert bondage play. Handcuffs are longer lasting than tape, easier than rope, and small enough to tuck into a bag for on-the-spot bondage play. Today I’m going to be reviewing these Metal Handcuffs from Bondara which I picked up in a recent lingerie haull.

First impressions left me a little underwhelmed. As you might expect from handcuffs that only cost £4.99, these are not masterfully crafted. The metal feels cheap (although it hasn’t stained either of our wrists green like some nightmare cuffs), the chain is somewhat flimsy, and MADE IN CHINA is stamped on the side in large block capitols. So, if you’re looking for classy, top of the range handcuffs, these aren’t for you.


But these handcuffs were not made to be admired, they’re made to keep your lover’s hands restrained. Do they do the job? Certainly. Either cuffed together or cuffed to a piece of furniture (my partner chose to cuff himself to my chair at one point to test them out) they do prevent you from moving too much. The chain is relatively short which prevents a lot of freedom of movement. Because they are unlined, the cuffs bite into the wrist a bit, which neither of us minded but might be something to consider.

The lock on the cuffs is really basic and the keys are cute but flimsy, they would be very easy to pick if you were so inclined. The handcuffs also come complete with a quick release latch intended to provide a sense of security to the cuffed partner. However, my partner and I quickly found that the fact that the quick release latch removed the sex appeal of the cuffs and we quickly stopped using the keys to release each other (if we even bothered, since the lock-ee can release themselves just fine.) For us, there’s nothing sexy about being left cuffed up if at any time you can push the latch and get out for free. We like our restraints to be difficult to get out of and, you know, restraining. Then again, we are more experienced bondage players. For newbies or vanilla folk who are just dipping their toes into the waters (perhaps after seeing a certain film) this feature might be comforting.


If you would like a pair of beginner’s handcuffs, you could do a lot worse than these ones, but I couldn’t recommend them to advanced players. The quick-release latch and flimsy design makes them more of a fantasy toy than anything to be used for advanced bondage play. To purchase these, just head over to Bondara here: Metal Handcuffs. For the interested, they also come in black and purple.



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Mary Mh'ithrha, a 20 year old Femdom enthusiast living in the US. I like slapping people around and sitting on their faces. Pleased to meet you.
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