Review: iCollection Plus Size Eyelash Lace Thong

panties1As I’ve said before on this blog, my checklist for perfect lingerie is as follows:

  1. Nice Design
  2. Decent Quality
  3. Comfortable
  4. Not Extremely Expensive
  5. Plus-Size Friendly

So how did the eyelash lace thong hold up?

57291-1First things first, I love this design. The lace is pretty and creates a skirting effect over the hips and your bottom which, while it doesn’t hide anything, is a fun detail. In the back rather than a standard T-Strap the design makes a keyhole window which was a playful touch. The lace is also soft and not scratchy, and since I’ve worn this pair several times I haven’t noticed any stray strings or fraying which means it also passes my quality test.

Now, whether or not you find thongs comfortable is completely up to you. Personally, I love them, and this one is pretty comfortable as far as they go. As I said, the lace isn’t scratchy and it doesn’t bunch or tug under my clothing so it’s also comfortable on that front.

panties2As far as the last two criteria: this pair cost me £8.99 at Lovehoney and runs from sizes 1X-4X (you can see the sizing chart on the product page if you’re not sure where you fit) so that’s checks across the board.

panties1Are there any downsides? Well, the material that the thong is made out of isn’t the highest quality in the world, it’s just sheer mesh, but I won’t take any points off for it, just know that it’s not super silky or anything like that.

If you’d like your own iCollection Eyelash Lace Thong I purchased mine from Lovehoney for £8.99, I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants pretty plus-sized underwear without breaking the bank.



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Mary Mh'ithrha, a 20 year old Femdom enthusiast living in the US. I like slapping people around and sitting on their faces. Pleased to meet you.
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2 Responses to Review: iCollection Plus Size Eyelash Lace Thong

  1. carnalqueen says:

    Great review, it’s really pretty!


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