Review: Coquette Queen Caged Back Lace Thong


coq4Today’s pair of underwear for review was the pair from my recent Bondara haul that my boyfriend was most excited to see. This Coquette Queen Caged Back Lace Thong in black had one of the most appealing stock images of the whole lot that I bought. Who doesn’t love those gorgeous straps that hug that butt so nicely? I find them sporty and fun, he finds them sexy, so what’s not to like? Into the basket they go. But how did they live up to my expectations?

Out of the package impressions were decent. The straps are made of a satin-y material (they’re definitely more shiny than the stock image), the lace is soft, the gusset is comfortable feeling in the hands. Things were looking good for this pair.


Still, nothing is perfect, least of all these. Not for the first time I find myself puzzled by tag placement. While most underwear has the tag on the back, this time it’s attached to the seam on the front of the underwear. I think this is a design choice made because the backside of this particular pair of underwear is really the focal point, but it’s still pretty weird. It means that if you really want to wear this and feel sexy you have to remove the tag (carefully, with very pointy scissors  so as to avoid tearing the seam or the lace.)


My second issue is that I tried to take front-end photos of this pair but quickly deleted the ones I took. The front of this pair of underwear is just far too skimpy for my sensibilities (I’m not even that much of a prude, but I would like the front of my underwear to provide some coverage!). Fine for wearing under clothes, but it covers very little so if you prefer your thongs a bit modest in the front to leave something to the imagination, I can’t recommend these.

strappy2My last issue is another one to do with the fit. See, the straps of this are gorgeous, but they hug  different parts of the hips and butt and sometimes during wear they gape a bit. In my pictures to the side you can see the straps lifting off of my butt as I flexed or arched, they didn’t stay perfectly flat like in the stock photos. Now making a garment fit is an inherent problem with designing any piece of lingerie but the more elements you involve in that, especially the straps like this, the more places there are to not fit. So, at least on my butt, sometimes the straps shifted and crossed or stuck out a bit when I bent over. According to my partner the straps not lying perfectly flat didn’t interfere with his enjoyment of the thong, but it’s something to consider if you were taken in by that perfect stock image.

I still really like this thong. My partner’s enthusiasm, my own liking of the straps and how comfortable wear is overrides my annoyance about the tag placement and the skimpy front-end of the thong. If you’re a plus-sized woman looking for something to flatter, I’d recommend these highly.

At time of writing Bondara is out of stock of the black plus-size but they do have the red plus-size and the black and red straight size in stock if you’d like to purchase your own. They will each set you back £6.99, although the plus-size pair is on sale right now.



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