Review: Sonia Skin Sensing Massage Wand


Can you believe I’ve never used a wand vibrator? Even in my brief time of being interested in keeping up with what the sex toy world has to offer wands have gone from being unsophisticated wall-plug, jet engine loud “”back massagers”” to sleek, gorgeous toys whose power is now touted alongside convenient features like rechargability and water tightness. So, when my friends over at sent me a Romant Sonia Skin Sensing Magic Wand for review, I was thrilled to give it a go.

As always the product arrived in a few days in the discreet packaging I’ve come to expect from LovePassions, with everything tidily wrapped to avoid anything getting bumped during transit.


So, onto the first impressions:

The packaging on the Sonia is quite nice. An outer sleeve has product images and information about the toy’s features and the one year warranty. This sleeve can be discarded to leave a pale, dusky pink box imprinted with the Romant logo that makes for perfect discreet storage (although, let it be said, the box is large enough that if you have a lot of toys you might find it more practical to replace with a satin storage bag.)

Inside you open the box to see the toy nestled into soft foam, with a cardboard compartment at the top which holds the USB charger cable and the instruction manual. Carefully inspecting the toy, there were no imperfections and the storage seems to have done its job very well.

The Sonia doesn’t come charged, so once you get it you’ll need to pop the wand onto the charger so it’s ready when you need it. To charge the Romant you push the charger cable through a circle of silicone in the back of the wand (if this is your first time with this kind of charger, don’t worry, the silicone is very stretchy and you’re not going to tear a hole in your toy) and wait. The light-up panel on the front of the wand will flash as the vibrator charges and level out to a steady brightness when the wand is fully charged, which took less than two hours for me.


I love the design of the Sonia. At eight and a half inches long, the Sonia is hardly the largest wand vibrator out there. The soft, buttery purple silicone and the silvery ABS plastic look gorgeous, as does the swoopy ergonomic shape of the handle. The buttons are simple to press and hold to turn the Sonia on and adjust the speeds, and the button panel stays lit up during use. The design is completely waterproof, which is great for using Sonia in the shower or tub or if you’re inclined to squirt. I also adore the USB charging of the Sonia which, as a person who travels between countries, is much more convenient than buying batteries or using a wall charger.

In use, I love the Sonia. For starters, it’s quiet. All of my worries about wands being loud as engines were put to rest when I tuned the wand on. It’s not silent, but it’s softer sounding than an electric toothbrush (and I was able to use it in the same room as my sleeping partner, who didn’t wake up.) There are seven modes of vibrations and escalations but my preferred method is to start on the lowest steady vibration and then mash the plus button as I get closer to climax. The shape of the handle here is perfect because I can easily press the buttons while the toy is in use without fumbling to change the position of my hands.


This wand’s claim to innovation is the “skin sensing” technology that allows the vibrations to build in strength when in contact with the skin to allow for a more “natural” way of massage. The thing is, I can’t tell what the vibrations are like unless they’re touching me, so I only feel the stronger vibrations, and my preference for clitoral stimulation is grinding it pretty hard so the build-up of the skin-sensing technology is somewhat lost on me.

The Sonia’s small size also makes it ideal for use with a partner, especially in positions when bulkier wands (especially ones with cords) might get in the way. The wand works with either partner holding it and never became uncomfortable, and the vibrations didn’t rattle my hands into numbness as other vibes have done. One full charge lasted multiple sessions for me (the official run-time is two hours), so if you charge it before sex you should probably be fine, unless you like marathon masturbation with a single toy.

The Sonia technically has an insertable length of two inches so you can push the head into your vagina if desired. I say technically because doing this significantly dampened the wonderful strength of the vibrations and personally I prefer an insertable vibrator to go deeper than two inches, so I quickly returned it to my clit. And I was much happier with it there, rumbling happily on my clit, and many orgasms were had.

Because the entire toy is waterproof, clean up is a breeze. I rinse my Sonia under water, then wash with a toy cleaner and microfiber cloth. If you’re a heavy squirter (or liberal with your lubricant), you might find that fluids get trapped in the seam between the plastic and the silicone on the handle, but I didn’t find much there when I went cleaning. If you’re really easily bothered by fingerprints you might find the silver plastic tougher to maintain. The silicone picks up a bit of lint (not as much as some of my dildos), but putting it in the box or another storage bag helps with that.

So, in summary? The Sonia is a great wand. The vibrations are strong, the toy is quiet, the design is lovely, and it’s actually fun to use. It’s certainly gotten me excited about other wand vibrators, but I have a feeling the Sonia is one I’m going to be coming back to.

If you would like to purchase your own Romant Sonia, you can find one at LovePassions here 60% off.





Thank you to for sending me this product for an honest review.


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2 Responses to Review: Sonia Skin Sensing Massage Wand

  1. silent adventures says:

    my partner and I live this you as it’s not intimidating in size but it is in performance however I am having terrible time getting ahold of the company directly to honor their warranty the first time we used it in a bath while it worked fine for that session it hasn’t since… it take a a charge bit won’t turn on anymore we are so disappointed…


  2. silent adventures says:

    My partner and I love this toy unfortunately after a few weeks of use we decided to use it in the bath and while it works great for that session it has not worked since. It takes a charge the light blinks and goes to solid but it fails to turn on and the place I bought it from doesn’t return any of my emails or attempts at contact. I’ve tried finding the manufacture to have them honor their warranty but with only failed attempts leaving us both disappointed in the short-term durability while great while it lasted not so great of value for only 6 uses


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