Review: K1 Magnetic Geisha Balls


The unofficial tagline of all kegel exercise products is “Does your vagina even lift?” After I let out my usual giggle of amusement at the phrase I’m forced to concede that, no, my vagina doesn’t lift. Should it? Am I missing out on an opportunity to have a totally ripped buff vagina? Are the other vaginas laughing at me in the gym locker room that is the reviewer industry? Luckily in my recent shipment of products from the wonderful people at Your Pleasure, a fairly new luxury UK sex products shop, I unwrapped some K1 Magnetic Geisha Balls. Just what I needed. Thanks, Your Pleasure!

k2Geisha balls are used in order to exercise the kegel muscles in the vagina, facilitating good vaginal health and leading to stronger orgasms. In this set there are two 23 mm (25 grams) steel balls coated with pink medical-grade silicone and two 16mm (37 grams) magnetic balls coated in black medical-grade silicone. There is also a plastic reusable tube that is perfect for storing the kegel balls when they’re not in use. The balls are quite small, which means that even if you consider yourself “tight” they would be a breeze to insert (possibly with the addition of some lube.)

Now, I’m a geisha ball newbie, so I was initially very unsure of what to do with them. Sure, sliding them in and clenching sounded simple enough, but I found that it doesn’t feel like I’m doing much exercise. I wasn’t getting the same pleasant ache I get after lifting weights or a going on long run. After flustering for a while trying to make sure I was properly doing exercises and unsure of how I would achieve the best results, I checked the website. Helpfully the Your Pleasure helps out there: according to the K1 Magnetic Geisha Balls product page, the ultimate goal of the balls is to “form a straight line using your vaginal muscles.”

Now that was an actual challenge.

Inserting the balls while they were clustered together was slightly more complicated than inserting one at a time, but with a well-lubricated finger to help it wasn’t too bad. Once I slid the balls in I attempted to clench and move the balls into a straight formation. Easier said than done. The thing about the small size of the black balls is that there isn’t much surface area for the kegel muscles to grip onto, meaning you have to clench harder to move them (for this reason, beginners are often encouraged to use lighter but bigger balls to start off with, hence the inclusion of the pink balls.) It took me a while to be able to tighten my muscles enough to counteract the magnets in the black balls. When I did finally manage it, I actually felt some fatigue in my vaginal muscles afterwards. That was a strange experience.

So, after my regime of training my kegel muscles, how were my orgasms? Well, I don’t know that I noticed a difference in my actual orgasms (which don’t tend to make me “clench” as much as they seem to make other women), but tensing my muscles as I’m thrusting a toy feels so much better now, especially with thinner dildos. I can actually create some resistance against my arm muscles, which get a lot more exercise, and that was pretty impressive for under a week’s worth of exercise.


Size comparison with a five pence coin (around the size of an US dime.)


As for using the balls for any kind of sexual arousal on their own, I’d say skip them. They aren’t designed for that purpose. You need larger pleasure beads for that. Placing even the full cluster of four balls into my vagina doesn’t feel like much unless I’m consciously clenching on them and I never felt  they were in danger of falling out (even while jumping up and down like a fool) so I wasn’t clenching all that often. They’re just not meant to be sex toys on their own, they’re meant to train you so you can get more pleasure out of sex and (potentially, depending on your body) orgasm. In that regard, they work wonderfully.

I only have one complaint of the K1 balls and that is the texture on the outside. I love the silky silicone, I don’t love the raised “K” print in that silicone. The grooves around it make an otherwise very easy to clean material kind of tricky, and I find myself worrying that I haven’t cleaned them off properly after use. I have an unresearched suspicion that the texture is intended to give more “grip” to the balls, which would explain them, and since they’re working for me it’s certainly not a deal breaker.

If you would like to buy your own set of K1 Magnetic Geisha Balls they can be purchased from Your Pleasure for £46 here. If you’re looking for a regime to train your kegel muscles, I would absolutely recommend these balls, and you can get 10% off your first order at Your Pleasure with the code TENOFF at check out.





Thank you to for sending me this product for an honest review.


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