Review: Seven Til Midnight Plus Size Lace-Up Crotchless French Knickers



French knickers aren’t a style I usually find myself drawn to. While the sexiness of showing off the lower curve of your bottom hadn’t escaped me, I always thought thongs were just an better option. Still, when I saw this pair of Seven Til Midnight lace french knickers with ribbon lace-up sides available on Lovehoney, I jumped at the chance to try them out and ordered a pair in purple with black ribbon.

46578 Right away when I opened the package I was very pleased. The bright violet lace is soft to the touch and hugs the butt nicely when worn. I was concerned that the lace-up sides would bunch oddly or feel uncomfortable under clothes but I barely noticed it and haven’t had to retie the ribbons yet (the bows don’t look quite at neat as in the stock photo after I’ve been wearing them for a day, but I didn’t expect them to.) The open crotch, while obviously fantastic for “easy access” for sex or solo play doesn’t feel uncomfortable in the slightest and I almost forgot about it except when I wanted to show it off. The crotch straps, for lack of a better term, are sewn in a sturdy way and don’t feel like they’re going to tear when you part the fabric.


The one design choice I didn’t like so much, and this feels very petty even to me, is the tag. The tags are ridiculously large and if you don’t remove them they stick out a lot. I gave them a careful snip and they came off easily enough so it’s not a huge deal, but seriously. Look at these things:


I really liked the purple colorway I got but I’m also very interested to look into getting the red pair and the black pair that Lovehoney offers. While I was writing my review to add to Lovehoney’s site I noticed that there is also a blue colorway, although Lovehoney doesn’t stock it. I am going to track it down, though, the design on these is nearly perfect and for £8.99 you can’t really go wrong.

If you’d like to pick up your own pair you can purchase them on Lovehoney’s website here. If you want to pick up the blue, pink, or white colors that Lovehoney don’t stock, here’s a page on Amazon that sells them. If you aren’t plus-sized, a variety of the colors can be found in straight sizes on Amazon here. 




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