Review: Rocks Off RO-160


Back in March I had the good fortune to win a Twitter competition for a RO-160 bullet vibrator by the brand Rocks Off from the good folks over at Jo Divine. I don’t have any experience with the Rocks Off brand but their cheery, kitsch website design and the gorgeous blue hue of the bullet drew me in. I sent my details and Jo Divine promptly sent out the bullet, which arrived a few days later. The packaging was pretty and it included a velvet-lined tray for storage, although it is somewhat bulky if space is a concern for you.c

torpedoRight off the bat when I opened my package my boyfriend looked over my shoulder and said “That’s not a bullet, that’s a torpedo!” Yes, unlike the traditional bullet, the RO-160 is over six inches long and four inches in circumference. The shape remains bullet-like with the added promise that it can be used as an insertable (or, as Jo Divine’s website refers to it as, an “innie toy”) as well as a clitoral bullet.

As for materials, the only thing that the Jo Divine says about the materials is that the RO-160 has “silky smooth metallic plated coating.” On the Rocks Off website they clarify it as ABS Plastic with a PU coating, which is a good body safe material that I felt comfortable using. The entire vibrator is also completely waterproof. To the touch it feels like sturdy brushed aluminum and the color is absolutely gorgeous, a deep true blue. The end button that turns the bullet on and off and allows you to cycle through the speed and vibration settings is satisfying to press and makes a happy clicking sound each time. Due to the position of the button, I never found myself pressing it accidentally and changing off my preferred settings, which is a plus.

In use I found the RO-160 really comfortable to hold. The shaft is fat enough to give a decent grip space while the pointed bullet tip easily passed my labia to make friends with my clit. As usual I started on the lower vibrations, which are a decent mid-level buzz and clicked up to the higher speed as I got closer to orgasm. The vibrations aren’t especially rumbly, but they’re not extremely buzzy either and they’re strong enough for me to not mind. I think the plastic transfers the vibrations just a bit too well though because, rather than being concentrated at the tip where I want them, my entire hand gets buzzed. Not to the point that it went numb after, but enough that I noticed it in use.

With that in mind, I decided to try out the promise that the RO-160 makes just as good an “innie” vibe as it did a clitoral vibe. My logic went that, well, if the vibrations go all the way up the shaft in use that’ll be good for internal vibrations. Internally the vibrations are fine, but it’s just that the shape of the vibrator is so intensely, mind-numbingly boring. The vibrator is girthy, yes, but the texture on the outside is so smooth and the barrel-shape is so untextured that it doesn’t feel great to thrust it in and out. With my newly developed kegel muscles I expected to be able to clench and create some resistance against the vibrator, which at least feels good, but my own natural lubrication and the smooth PU coating was way too slick to get any kind of grip. My g-spot yawned, unstimulated. Maybe the RO-160 not such a good innie toy for me after all.


Also, the shaft has an imprint on it that have the model number and the Rocks Off heart logo on it. Why this couldn’t have been on the cap, I’m not sure, because those grooves make an otherwise easy-to-clean vibrator more of a pain. I suggest getting yourself a gentle toothbrush and be prepared to find lingering traces of dried fluid even after you think you’ve reasonably cleaned it. Just let it go.

The RO-160 does its job and does get my rocks off but I’m not sure that upgrading it to a larger size was strictly necessary when the RO-160 is a somewhat boring insertable vibrator. I suspect it would make the difference to someone who had hand or mobility issues who had trouble holding a regular bullet, especially during intercourse, but I have no way to test that claim. Ideally what I’d like to do is try out some of Rocks Off’s smaller bullets to see if there really is a difference in power that can account for the size-up, and if I do that I’ll be sure to link that post here with my findings.

If you want to buy your own RO-160, you can purchase yours from Jo Divine for £29.99 (also available in leopard print and pink.) If you want to have a chance to win one of Jo Divine’s semi-regular giveaways, follow them on Twitter @JoDivineUk.



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