Review: Sliquid H2O

Lubricant isn’t my favorite thing to buy. In fact, I’d call it a pretty dull purchase. While there are flavored lubricants and ones with different textures, smells, and effects, if you’re going to be using sex toys or having sex you need a good dependable day-to-day no-frills lubricant, which are fairly expensive and you’ll run through them pretty quickly. So, what do I do when I need to buy lubricant? My go-to is Sliquid H2O, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.


Sliquid H2O is a water-based natural lubricant free of parabens, glycerin, and other irritating additives. It’s vegan and only contains a few ingredients: water, plant cellulose, cyamopsis, potassium sorbate, and citric acid. Mostly, though, it’s water, and it’s the friendliest lube to my body I’ve ever found. I feel absolutely no discomfort either while applying the lube or afterwards, which is my major priority with lubricants.

It’s also very slick. Perhaps not as slick as a good silicone lubricant, but it helps grease everything up. To explain, I’m not a person who uses lubricant on every toy I use, or every time I have sex. For me water-based lube is great for when my natural lubricants have called it quits after round two and I’m still mentally raring to go or when I have a particularly textured or thick toy that I need a bit of help with. So, one bottle lasts me longer than some folk.


Another priority I have for a basic, all-purpose lubricant is that Sliquid H2O is completely tasteless. When I say completely, I mean completely. Poured out onto a spoon I find it absolutely inoffensive (it’s like tasting thick water, essentially) and on skin it’s even less noticeable. If you want something to sweeten up oral sex, this lube won’t do it, but if you find yourself just needing a bit of help getting things going and don’t want to deal with unpleasant chemical flavors, this is a great alternative.

Does it have any downsides? I wouldn’t call Sliquid expensive but it’s priced higher than other brands, but depending on the retailer you can find good deals (my first bottle I purchased from Amazon, which was not the cheapest option, SheVibe has great prices though) and, honestly, I’d rather pay slightly more for a lubricant I know won’t burn my bits than take a chance on a cheap one with questionable ingredients and risk a yeast infection. Sliquid H2O also soaks into the skin pretty quickly, which is standard operating procedure for water-based lubricants, but it’s something to consider and you’d better keep the bottle close by and be ready to reapply frequently (it can also be “re-activated” with water, although I don’t know anyone who keeps a waterbottle or mister on hand for that, funny as that would be.)

I’d really like to try other kinds of Sliquid lubricant, I’ve heard good things about their Sassy silicone lube and I’d love to try their flavored range, especially the blue raspberry flavor. If I do get the chance, look forward to another post about that soon.


I’d like to say that when I discovered Sliquid H2O my opinions changed and now I love buying lubricant, but let’s be honest, I don’t. Lubricant isn’t an exciting purchase but at least with Sliquid it’s one of the easiest I have to make.



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