Review: The Spank Academy Black Fox Tail Butt Plug

Back in early March I was browsing Twitter and came across a tweet by The Spank Academy advertising a flash sale for one of their tail plugs. A black fox tail, to be precise, and the tail I’d had my eye on for a while now. So, in a flurry of excitement, I sent off my order. Soon my 14-17 inch Real Fox Tail Butt Plug with stainless steel plug arrived and when I got back from the UK I practically raced to pick up my parcel. Since I got it, there’s hardly been a day when I haven’t at least had it out, if not had it in.


Tail plugs are really delightful little fantasy toys. They can be used for pet play (D/s or otherwise) or just as a fantasy edition to whatever sexy outfit you have planned. This tail is fluffy, black, and non-descript so it can be used beyond fox play for any kind of fluffy creature, cats come to mind. I’m a dominant, not a pet, so my tail was just intended as a bit of fancy dress, something pretty for photos or the like. I was not at all disappointed, but it’s really versatile so I’m sure it could suit a lot of different play styles.

The tail is extremely soft with a thin, flexible leather core keeping everything in place. Since these tails are natural there is slight variation in them, this model runs from 14 inches long to 17 inches long. I measured mine and it is 16 inches long, which is enough for the tail to brush the backs of my knees during wear. The shop does offer longer and shorter tails, depending on what you’re interested in. Running your fingers over the fur is an amazing sensory experience and I imagine trailing it along the skin of a sub before inserting it would be very sexy. I chose the stainless steel plug in size small (3.5 inches circumference) but it also can come in silicone and in sizes up to large.  The plug is very comfortable to wear. I don’t know if it’s just my anatomy but I find some butt plugs to be too long so they poke me uncomfortably during use, but that wasn’t the case with this plug. It provides a nice stretch without making me feel overfull. When I was masturbating and thrusting with another dildo, I found that the plug rubbed up pleasantly against my thrusts, adding more sensation each time. The orgasms I had were just that little bit more intense to make a difference, I was really pleased with it.


That being said, I was afraid to lie on my back during use because I was worried I would crush the tail, even if it were pointed down between my thighs, so that required some changes to my usual masturbation style. I found kneeling up or being on all fours to be nice changes of pace. If you’re using it during intercourse, switching up your positions might be necessary if you don’t want to do damage to your tail (and make sure you inform your partner not to tug on the tail while it’s inserted, as that might damage it.) This is definitely not an insert-and-forget-about-it toy, it requires some planning.


My one complaint for this plug is that you can see the glue where the plug is attached to the tail. It’s not visible during wear, but when you have it out and are looking at it there are visible lines of clear adhesive. It’s not a deal breaker, especially considering how inexpensive the plug was, but it might be a consideration for you if impeccable quality is important, and something for the shop to consider as well.


Cleaning this plug is a bit more of a chore than other basic butt plugs. While mine is stainless steal, notoriously easy to clean, I cannot boil it to sanitize it or I risk damaging the glue and leather. To clean the plug I wipe with a cleaner after each use. To clean the fur if necessary, The Spank Academy advises that you use “Mild soap, do not submerge in water, hang to dry, brush if necessary” and always “avoid spraying perfume, hairspray or other chemicals on your fur.” You also cannot store the tail in any kind of plastic bag that will reduce air circulation or the leather will dry out and it is advised that storing the plug in a bag at all can cause damage to the fur. My advice is to store it hung up by the plug in a cool, out of the way area, I wrap a rubber band around the neck of the plug and then wrap the band around a hanger in my closet. If you store your floggers and other impact tools hung up, it might be helpful to keep it with them.

The Spank Academy’s tails are made of real fur so they are not vegan items. If this is an ethical concern, I wouldn’t recommend this tail. But, if you consider yourself at all a leather fetishist or can appreciate the craftsmanship behind these beautiful fur tails, I’d definitely recommend The Spank Academy. The 14-17 inch long black fox tail tail I purchased is still on sale here but they have lots of different designs, including a gorgeous selection of natural colored tails (I want a silver one. So. Badly.) and some dyed brighter color tails for more fantasy play. I also would love to test out some of their impact tools, so those might be next on my list.

Also, follow The Spank Academy on Twitter for more notifications of wonderful sales. Don’t miss out!




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Mary Mh'ithrha, a 20 year old Femdom enthusiast living in the US. I like slapping people around and sitting on their faces. Pleased to meet you.
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  1. What a great review! Thanks for sharing this.


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