Review: Spank Me Baby

Spank Me Baby is a sweetly scented powder manufactured by Love to Love that is meant to be applied before a spanking to create a cushion between the impact tool and the skin. With each smack a little bit of the powder comes up so your spankings are nicely coconut scented, which is an interesting concept. When the lovely folk over at Your Pleasure sent this to me I was a little puzzled by this product, but how did it turn out?


Like a lot of the items in Your Pleasure’s power pleasure collection, Spank Me Baby is meant to be useful to people new to kink. The powder’s main claim is that it has a soothing effect on the skin which makes receiving spankings a lot easier for people who don’t have a high pain tolerance yet.

I wanted some first-hand experience with it so I decided to try out Spank Me Baby with a variety of impact tools, including my palm, the Butterfly Effect paddle, the heart spanking paddle, and my DOMINIX BRAUN flogger. For the sake of science, I applied the powder to my left thigh and left my right thigh without so I’d be able to compare. The consistency of the powder is kind of line fine face powder, it’s really quite pleasant on the skin. In each case, the powdered thigh hurt less than the unpowdered one. When I was finished my right thigh was significantly more red and stung a lot more than my left one, so the powder definitely does it’s job of mellowing out intense tools.

The powder has a really nice sweet coconut scent but, with such close proximity to my face in a drawn-out testing session I found myself getting slightly overwhelmed by it. It’s entirely possible that this was just because I was so close to my thighs and that in an actual kinky scene that wouldn’t happen. The smell clung to the clothes I put on afterwards, too, so this is something to consider if you’re particularly sensitive to smells.

Spank Me Baby’s ingredients list is pretty short, it’s mostly tapioca starch with additives to give it that lovely coconut smell. It’s paraben free and non-toxic, I’ve never had a reaction even on my sensitive skin. That being said, don’t ingest it and try not to get it in your eyes. That would be very unpleasant.


The outer packaging is fairly fun and quirky but isn’t necessary to hold onto since the bottle is quite sturdy. The bottle it comes in isn’t very exciting, almost medicinal except for the big Spank Me Baby font. So, it’s not as discreet as it could be, but tucked away in my play kit I’m not bothered. The lid is really nice, though. It flips up by pressing on a tab on the side of it so you can do that one-handed, plus I’ve never had a spill with this lid, which is always good.

If you like your pain play or just need a stricter punishment, or you hate the smell of coconut, you might want to pass this by. However, if you’re interested in light BDSM impact play and need a little cushioning, I’d definitely recommend Spank Me Baby. There are a number of products out there that boast similar effects but the lovely smell, consistency, and effectiveness of this one can’t be ignored. If you’re interested in picking up your own, you can get it at Your Pleasure here.





Thank you to for sending me this product for an honest review.


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Mary Mh'ithrha, a 20 year old Femdom enthusiast living in the US. I like slapping people around and sitting on their faces. Pleased to meet you.
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