DIY Paracord Locking Collar Prototype

Lately I’ve been enjoying a bit of paracord crafting in preparation for a tutorial for this blog. It’s been a while since I’ve worked with paracord and since the one thing that makes your paracord project look polished and lovely, the tension at which you hold your strands while you braid (which is the difference between a nice even pattern and a twisting, uneven one), can really only be improved with practice, I wanted to make a smaller project at first.  Enter, the prototype of this lovely little locking collar.


I say prototype only because there are a few things I want to change, but I’m pleased enough with it to want to show it off here. The construction is a simple four strand round braid made of two lengths of paracord. Generally when people make chokers or bracelets with this braid they use a ball and loop closure, so I had to adjust this one to have two loops on the ends rather than a loop and a ball for closure. It only closes once the lock is on.


The braid–I’m still working on my tension.

As you can see nelow, there’s an ugly fusion in the center of each of the loops. This will be fixed in the final version, I just needed to make the collar to find out how big I wanted the loops at the front to be. Initially they were quite large, so I trimmed and fused them a few times until I found a smaller size that I liked better. Next time I’ll make the loops the smaller size from the beginning and the front loops will be seamless.


This braid uses two lengths of paracord so there are lots of different color possibilities for this one depending on what your preferences are. I quite like black and purple myself. My paracord came from Paracord Galaxy, I got three bundles of 100ft of cord and it came in at under $20, including pretty quick shipping, which was nice. The other cord I got is black/purple/white/gray which I thought would be a little busy on this collar, so I’m saving that for the other tutorial.


As you might have noticed, I had a little trouble with the initial cast-on. I’ve been working on this, the next one will have a tighter, neater knot to start off.


I think a solid black collar with a silver padlock would look wonderful. Actually, this would be a great excuse to show off a pretty decorative lock, but the one that came with my CB6000 is the only one I had to hand. I thought initially about stringing a charm or tag onto the paracord and having the padlock at the back, but my lock is too heavy and would have dragged the entire thing down my back a little, which would be uncomfortable to wear. So, front-locking it is.


I envisioned this being more of a casual day collar than a play one, which is why there isn’t an O-Ring to attach a lead to. I think if I wanted a leash-compatible collar I’d use a wider, flatter braid so as not to put a lot of pressure on a relatively small surface area (maybe something like this cobra weave.) Maybe I’ll make a matching play collar with an O-Ring for sceneing.

I’m really pleased with this collar, I’ll document the making of the next one so that we can see the final project. So, watch this space for my next version!



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Mary Mh'ithrha, a 20 year old Femdom enthusiast living in the US. I like slapping people around and sitting on their faces. Pleased to meet you.
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