Review: Oh La La Cheri Plus Size Sheer Babydoll and Thong

babydoll5How should a good piece of lingerie make you feel? Sexy? Confident? Pretty? Yes, to all of that (and more!) but the piece of lingerie I’m reviewing today took it a step further by making me feel like a princess. Now, I’ve never been the princess-y type, but something about this soft, floaty purple babydoll brings out the feminine princess in me. A bratty, demanding princess, but a princess nonetheless.


Lovehoney sent me this Oh La La Cheri Curves Plus-Size Sheer Babydoll and Thong to review and, simply put, I love it. It’s not my usual style, considering how floaty and feminine it is, but I’ve come to really adore it. It’s certainly unlike anything else in my lingerie closet at the moment. The babydoll has a halter neck made of black ribbon that connect to two soft triangle cups for your breasts, below which is an elastic waist decorated in the front with black ribbon. The babydoll is quite short (it rests just above the bottom of my butt) and since the material is so sheer it shows off quite a bit. Also included is a thong, which I’ll get to in a moment. It comes in a single plus-size that fits UK Dress size 16-20 / US 14-18. I’m at the upper end of that size range but I found that the babydoll suited me perfectly and I think it has potential to flatter a lot of sizes.


The babydoll comes in thin plastic and I’d advise giving it a simple handwash before wearing it. The ribbon can be a bit crinkly and stiff at first but I found that that went away once it was worn and washed. The mesh is soft and perfect, I couldn’t find any imperfections on mine and the shade of purple is gorgeous. The hem is rolled pretty simply in contrasting black.


The elastic under-bust band held the babydoll up perfectly without cutting into me or otherwise being uncomfortable, which is fantastic and something I’ve come to dread from lingerie sets, especially in this price range.

babydoll7Unfortunately, I noticed after wearing the babydoll a few times the ribbon on the front had started to fray on the edges. This ribbon isn’t structurally important, just decorative, and I was able to easily fix it with a needle and thread but honestly I wasn’t putting this babydoll through a lot of strenuous paces, so I wish they would have sewn it into the hem in a more sturdy fashion. I didn’t notice any similar fraying along the shoulder straps or the ends of the bow.


The cups of this babydoll don’t offer any support beyond the elastic waistband so don’t expect any lifting action there. This wasn’t a huge problem for me because I found that not having intense push-up cleavage softened the look in a way that I really like. Keep in mind, though, that I have DD breasts, so larger cup sizes might want something with a little bit of underwire or other support.



The thong that comes with the babydoll is extremely skimpy. Extremely. If it were a swimsuit you’d probably be called off the beach for public indecency. The strings of the back are just simple elastic about half an inch wide and the front is pretty narrow.  The fact that it’s sheer doesn’t help (although the sheerness doesn’t matter when the thong is covered by the babydoll, because layered over it becomes somewhat opaque unless you’re really looking), but even in a solid material it’d show quite a bit.


This is, of course, up to personal preference, but I would have preferred a wider front panel to cover up more. The thong is still useful for wearing under other clothing by itself (I’ve never had a visible panty line wearing this thong) so you can also wear the two pieces separately. I found I loved this babydoll matched with black underwear and fishnets as well, to give it a bit of extra edge.


This babydoll shows off everything, the material is very sheer but it also skims your curves in a very flattering way. I think it’s perfect both for women who love their curves and want to show them off and women who need a little more coverage just to give them that extra confidence boost! The smaller you are in the size range of this product, the more gathered the skirting of the babydoll will be, but I found that even on the upper size end it was quite flattering. My partner certainly loved it and was the first to tell me I looked like a princess, which they might regret the next time I start acting like one.

I love this babydoll, it’s the perfect soft feminine touch for my lingerie closet at a wonderful price. It goes well with my other pieces, it made me feel like a princess, and my partner absolutely adored it. If you would like your own Oh La La Cheri Plus-Size Sheer Babydoll and Thong you can pick up yours at Lovehoney UK for £24.99 or on their US website for $36.99.






Thank you to Lovehoney for sending me this product for an honest review.


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