Review: Curve Push Up Floral Print Babydoll

It’s not every day I look down at my DD chest and think it’s inadequate, let me tell you. The other day a friend asked me “Why do you wear a push-up bra every day?” and, puzzled, I informed them that I was wearing a sport’s bra. That’s the kind of chest I’m working with. Having a pronounced hourglass shape helps with that, I’m sure, but I’ve never been make to feel like my breasts are small. However, when I was trying on this Curve Push Up Floral Print Babydoll sent to me by the lovely folks over at Naughty Delight it was clear this was made for a much (much) larger chest than mine.


Let’s get back to positives for a moment. This was my first experience shopping with Naughty Delight and I’m pleased to say they were wonderful to work with. My package was completely discreet and arrived very quickly after shipping. This piece came in a standard printed cardboard box with a photograph of a model wearing it, along with measurement and brand information.

babydoll4 Just out of the box I love the design of this babydoll. The floral cups are flirty and feminine, the sheer black skirting is flattering and provides coverage over the stomach and hip area that many plus-size women, myself included, find confidence-boosting. I like the fact that there’s underwire which is a feature most lingerie misses out on but I tend to like (it’s not always comfortable, but it gives support and lift that I love for any lingerie I intend to seduce someone in.) In this case, the underwire is thin and flexible, not at all likely to poke you under the arms or any of that nonsense. The hook and eye closer at the back means that this will comfortably fit several band sizes, which is always a plus for fit (and this babydoll needs it, read on below to see why.)

babydoll3The accompanying g-string is comfortable as far as polyester/spandex blends go (although I’m not sure if it’s just our different sizes but mine seems much skimpier than the one that the model is wearing) and the bows are fun and cute, if you’re into that kind of feminine detail. Technically I couldn’t find any loose strings or faults in my babydoll. Just looking at how it looks on the model, the design is beautiful and feminine with great sex appeal. And the price, $24 at Naughty Delight, is just right.


But the fit. Oh, the fit.

I got this babydoll in a 3X/4X, which fits US sizes 18-22. I’m at the bigger end of that spectrum and had to adjust the back hooks to the largest band size, but with a DD chest I still couldn’t fill out the bust. I think this is very unusual because I have a proportional hourglass shape but at the largest size can’t fill out the bust, which means that it was designed for a woman who is significantly top-heavy but not with a larger band size. There is no cup-size mentioned on the packaging so I went directly to the manufacturer website to try and see what cup size this was designed for but there was nothing listed, which I think is a little disappointing if you’re going to go to the trouble of making a bra-like molded cup.


babydoll2Speaking of the cups, there is something very strange going on here. The cups have an optional push-up insert that’s just a flimsy piece of foam that adds very little, at least in my case. I’m not sure if a larger chested woman would find it gives a better effect but it’s such a flimsy piece of material I think not. Since the cup is designed around this insert, the bust is divided in two, the top half smooth foam and the bottom half an open pocket for the insert. This two-part design causes buckling even with the insert so it looks like your breast is divided in two and there’s a visible line. This line is much worse without the insert but is still there even with the insert in place.


That is… not flattering. To say the least. My breasts looked oddly lumpy because of this strange fit and I’m inclined to think that even with larger breasts filling this out the silhouette would still be lumpy and weird. This odd quirk of design takes an otherwise pretty and potentially very sexy babydoll and tanks the sex appeal. Don’t let the sultry model’s stare fool you, this isn’t a garment to get your partner’s engine revving. Not at all.


Here you can see some of the buckling even with the insert. Without it, it’s much worse.

If I were to improve this design, I’d do this:

  1. Pick a cup size for the chest and clearly advertise it on the packaging. If you’re catering to a larger chest size, that’s fine, but make it clear.
  2. If choosing to make it for a larger cup size, upwards of E and F, choose a sturdier material for the cup.
  3. Stick with a traditional molded cup without any of the insert nonsense to create a smooth surface without any weird buckling effects.
  4. Shorten the straps. Even on the tightest setting they’re very large and loose.

More visible buckling



I can’t endorse the fact that this babydoll is coy about its sizing since it means I can’t figure out who to recommend it to, but if you’re a size 18-22 woman with a large bust compared to your band size and you want to try out the Curve Push Up Floral Print Babydoll, you can find it on Naughty Delight here. Even if you’re not, be sure to check out the rest of Naughty Delight’s plus-size lingerie and straight-sized lingerie, they have a wonderful selection. Watch this space for another review soon.





Thank you to Naughty Delight for sending me this product for an honest review.


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