Review: Tantus Bound

The Bound was the first dildo I saw where I was so intrigued by the design that I went and looked up the company that makes it–Tantus, whose Vamp dildo I reviewed recently. It took me a while to get my hands on one but I’m so, so glad I did. The Bound is a slightly different kettle of fish than the Vamp, however… it’s a kinky son-of-a-bitch.


The Bound is modeled on a realistic penis wrapped in rope, which means that if you’re a kinky person or love shibari/rope bondage, this dildo will probably catch your eye. If you manage to score it via another retailer, the Bound comes in three colors- two skin tones and black.* The insertable length is 6.25 inches so not monstrously long and it’s a modest 1.5 inches in diameter, with a slight curve in the shaft. The dildo is quite firm, it’s possible to bend but not by much and the texture doesn’t squish flat. It’s not a stretcher, that’s for certain, but it’s extreme in its own way.

bound1Now, keep in mind, I’m a texture slut. It’s just how I was made. Having a dildo drag or gently scrape inside me is a sensation I quite like and I prefer it to smooth dildos most of the time. And make no mistake, the Bound is the most textured dildo I own. In part it’s the shape, the realistic veins and rope giving all kinds of mountains and valleys, but it’s also the matte silicone. My only other toy from Tantus is my Vamp which was very shiny silicone, but the Bound is an entirely different beast. If you find textures overwhelming you are going to need a lot of plush lube to be able to enjoy the Bound at all. Personally, I love it sans lube. To each their own.

The Bound is also a funny toy because I can use it without thrusting while using a clitoral vibe and give myself awesome orgasms. Sometimes I just want to feel full without any kind of thrusting but even with my new and improved kegel muscles sometimes smooth dildos can slip out right when I’m about to orgasm which is a massive pain. The Bound stays put even when I’m orgasming and gives me that amazing full sensation without any fuss, which is one of the reasons beyond the kinky shape that I’m so fond of it.

I let lube dry on the Bound to give you an idea of how much fluid gets left over after an average cleaning.

I let lube dry on the Bound to give you an idea of how much fluid gets left over after an average cleaning.

The only bad thing about the Bound, as far as I’m concerned, is the fact that it’s a bitch to clean. I mean a royal, bratty bitch. Don’t go reaching for your wash clothes or scrubber brushes, don’t bother. You can wipe and scrub and scrape all you want and there will still be bits of dried whatever on your dildo hidden in the cracks and crevices. Normally with a silicone dildo you can toss it in the dishwasher, wipe down with bleach, or just scrub with a toy cleaner to leave it squeaky clean. Not so with the Bound. Just boil it from the get-go and save yourself the effort.

The Bound is also harness compatible, anal safe, and, being made of Tantus’s silicone, is hypoallergenic, sanitary, and should last you kinky texture-lovers out there a long, long time. Mine also didn’t have any imperfections in it, unlike my Vamp, which I attribute to the fact that it came in standard Tantus packaging. If you can pry yourself out of the orgasm coma you’ll have put yourself in and go boil it after every use, it’s well worth it.


If you’re interested in your very own Bound, act quickly! The Bound is on close-out on Tantus’ website right now and won’t be around forever. If you’re a texture slut or just can’t resist such a delightfully kinky dildo, buy it before it’s gone!





*Tantus’s website photo makes the black color look very much like a warm, deep brown skin tone, at least on my monitor. In reality it is a true black.


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  1. Currently, you can get the Bound in all three colors on our website – ^_^ Variety is the spice of life!


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