Review: iCollection Red/Black Plus-Size Mesh and Lace Teddy

I like to think that my taste in lingerie has expanded since I’ve started blogging. I’ve found floaty, pastel chemises attractive and have been disappointed when a pretty floral one didn’t live up to my expectations, I’ve even liked a vivacious red and black leopard print chemise. That being said, I still have my preferences: Sultry, intricate, dark, which is exactly what this iCollection Red/Black Plus-Size Mesh and Lace Teddy gave me.


For the basics, the teddy comes in 1X, 2X, and 3X and is made of black mesh with panels of red satin and overlays of ribbon and lace. I ordered the 3X size and it fits perfectly and, if you’re on the smaller size of the 4X range, I think it would stretch to fit you nicely. The entire thing is soft and comfortable, no itchy stiff lace here.

bu5The cups comfortably fit my DD sized breasts and support to give great cleavage without adding lots of extra padding (which I personally don’t find necessary.) The back has a bra-clasp to adjust the band-width so that it fits without either digging in or being too loose. I really do think more lingerie should come with these bra clasps, they really do improve the fit and range of sizes, so good for iCollection on that one.





The entire thing is richly detailed with lots of beautiful accents that make it seem more expensive and high class than it really is. I particularly loved the little jewel accent at the bust which gives a little bit of sparkleand draws the eye to the cleavage. The bands down the front reveal flashes of skin while providing a good amount of skin coverage so that even people who are more self-conscious can revel in a bit of sexy lingerie.


More detail of the front of the crotch.

...and then of the back.

…and then of the back.


As for how it looks? I think it’s stunning, probably my current favorite lingerie piece in my rotation. Sexy, dark, vampy, yes. It probably is the piece I own that most closely fits my personal aesthetic without just being plain black lace, so I gravitate to it now more than most other pieces of lingerie that I own.

I posted a couple of pictures of it being worn on my NSFW Tumblr with the caption “Vampire goth queen succubus aesthetic” which I think pretty accurately describes how I feel in this teddy. It has a moderate amount of skin coverage while showing off just the right amount at the bust and along the front. tumblr_ns4j22NJz01u3c76to2_1280The back is just as pretty with the lace piece over the bum being decorated with corset lacing and a high cut that is extremely flattering on the buttocks without feeling like it’s riding up too much.

Also included in the set are four garters which can be attached or detached depending on how you want the piece to look. I appreciate the versatility of detachable garters primarily because I love how stockings look but I honestly can’t always be bothered to deal with the chore that is putting them on (personal failing, these garters are actually quite nice and don’t have a habit of coming undone like others I’ve worn.)



If you’d like to buy your own iCollection Plus-Size Mesh and Lace Overlay Teddy you can find yours here at Lingerie Diva (at time of writing, it’s even on sale!). If you want something sultry but classy, I would absolutely recommend this teddy.



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