Review: Fantasy Curve Plus Size Stretch Lace Chemise Set

As you might know, my last Curve product was a bit of a flop so I wasn’t sure whether or not to look forward to this order. It wasn’t that the design wasn’t pretty, but the fit was just so weird I haven’t been able to wear it. However, the design of this one was just different enough that I was hoping it wouldn’t have the same issues. Luckily, I was right. The Fantasy Curve Plus Size Stretch Lace Chemise set exceeded my expectations.


The basics: This set comes with a soft black lace chemise and a matching lace thong. It comes in a 1X/2X (US 12-16) and 3X/4X (US 16-20), I picked up the 3X/4X and found it fit pretty comfortably. The chemise has an elastic waist that you pull over your head, with lace straps that are tied in a halter style. The black lace is pretty and soft and the meshy material stops at the top of the thighs and provides decent coverage.


Like other soft chemise designs I’ve reviewed in the past, the cups aren’t very supportive but that makes for a nice, softer looking design with less in-your-face cleavage than other lingerie designs. Personally I loved this and it definitely got my partner’s thumbs up.



Pleasantly, this halter didn’t come undone even while moving around. The lace holds a knot quite well.


This design would also be great for a person who likes a bit more coverage for whatever reason, especially a plus-sized person who is a little more self-conscious. The lace is see-through enough to expose the breasts, and the thong beneath, but for anyone who is concerned about stretch marks or cellulite for whatever reason (no judgement here, not everyone can be super confident all the time.)


The set also comes with a thong. Like other thongs included in lingerie sets, this one was a little narrow and skimpy for my tastes, but I wasn’t put off by it. The thong is also basic enough to go with lots of other lingerie sets or to be worn on its own.


If you would also like to buy your own Fantasy Curve Plus-Size Lace Chemise Set, you can find it on Lovehoney here. It also comes in pink which gives it an extremely girly, princess-y look. This is a great set, extremely versatile and pretty. If you’re not sure where to start with sexy plus-size lingerie, go for this piece. You won’t regret it.



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