Work With Me

Product Reviews

Do you have an adult website or product that you want more exposure for? Sex toys, bondage gear, lingerie, books, pornography, lubricants, or more? My blog centers around product reviews, most of which are provided by companies just like you. My reviews are honest and fair and I offer a unique perspective on every product sent my way. Sending a product my way also virtually guarantees you’ll be on my mind when it comes to recommending websites for people to buy from or when linking shops in my longer articles. My reviews cost you nothing except the product costs and shipping and I have a quick turn around time, so if you want more exposure for your products or website e-mail me at


As you’ve probably guessed, I’m a blogger by nature. Nothing comes easier to me than sitting down and translating my thoughts and opinions into engaging, fun posts. That’s not the case for many people, and if you’ve tried to start a blog for your business and are struggling with coming up with posts on a regular basis I can help. From marketing a new toy to writing guides and behind-the-scenes, I am available on commission for guest posts and general blogging advice for businesses.  I can also put together mailing lists for your customers and subscribers. For more information and rates (including payment via inventory), e-mail me at

Social Media and Marketing

If you want to build your adult retailer’s online presence you need more than just your store front web page. Employing social media like Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr will give your brand personality and will help you connect with potential customers. If your Twitter feed hasn’t been updated in weeks (or, worse, the last tweets you have uploaded are follower/unfollower statistics) I’m your girl. I am available for short or long term management of social media accounts with guaranteed results for more followers. For more information, samples, and rates (including payment via inventory) e-mail me at



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